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Hire a Professional

Hiring a professional results in knowing what to cut, how to cut, and  when to cut! Every spring & summer hospital emergency rooms get filled with patients who decided to climb a tree or ladder with chainsaw in hand, along with the intentions of taking care of their own tree trimming. In some cases these accidents are fatal due to electric lines or falling from heights!

Let’s not forget about insurance costs due to property damage from misdirected tree branch cutting, or telephone & power lines that get tangled in a sheared tree limb. Trimming your shrubs & rock garden foliage is one thing - trimming a mature tree is a whole other!

As professionals & experienced tree trimmers we know exactly how to evaluate all trimming & removal procedures, as well the assessment of tree &
shrub healthcare.

There is not a tree that we can’t handle.

▪ Treating trees
▪ Trimming trees
▪ Fertilizing trees
▪ Complete removal of trees
▪ Selling fire wood
▪ Cutting and splitting wood using a
  portable wood processor

Read about Disease Control

Tree Disease, Assessment & Treatment

As a tree professional we fully understand what it takes to keep your trees, shrubs & bushes as healthy as possible. We provide full assessment & testing to better understand what type of disease or infestation is taking place. In fact, we specialize in infestation control & elimination in areas such as various Leaf Spotting Diseases, Fungal Manifestations,  Ash Borer’s Disease through invasive procedures with specialized insecticides & various applications.

So - whether it is a an old or new bug in town, the severe effects of a harsh winter or providing care & treatment for the 20 tree diseases common throughout the United States, or managing a full investigation - we are ready to help you get the most productive & beneficial results.

▪ Emerald Ash Borer Assessment and Injection Treatment
▪ Evaluation of Dead or Diseased Limbs & Trunks
▪ Branch Interference
▪ Thinning for Wind Resistance Pollarding
▪ Insects, Wood Parasites & Bees Nests
▪ Emergency Storm Damage
▪ Complete Tree Felling
▪ Stump Grinding & Week Root Excavation
▪ Complete Tree, Shrub & Hedge Treatment
▪ Bracing & Growth Structure

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